The Number 1 Program for Developing the Art of Scanning and Building Game Awareness

What the experts say about scanning and awareness

Think, think, think quickly. Lift your head up. Move, see, think. Look before you get the ball. Think quickly, look for spaces. That's what I do, look for spaces. All day, I'm always looking. All day, all day.

Xavi Hernandez

World cup winner

The difference between players is the ability to take in information. In the Premier League the good players take in around 4-6 pieces of information in the 10 seconds prior to receiving the ball, and the very good players take in 8-10 pieces of information. It is therefore important to develop exercises that help increase this ability to gather information.

Arsene Wenger

Premier league winning manager

See the game before you receive the ball. Before I receive the ball, I'll turn my body slightly, simply to gain a wider view of the pitch and now I can see every part of the pitch to elect where to play the ball next.

Pep Guardiola

champions league winning manager

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